Give the gift that puts smiles on their faces.

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CheckedTwice is the gift registry for families — always find the perfect gift!

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Create a wish list containing items you love from around the web. Share with your friends and family and see their wish lists too. No more stress in finding the perfect gift so you can enjoy the occasions that matter most. It's great for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and all the moments in between.

Get Started

Sign up using your name and email address. Watch for an email from us to verify your account — then you’ll be ready to go!

The More the Merrier

Invite friends and family to join CheckedTwice using their email addresses. They can see your wish list as well as create their own.

Invite friends and family

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Ready, Set... Wish!

Add the things you love from anywhere on the web (and offline, too) to your own wish list. Everyone will know exactly what you want.

See Who Wants What

Save shopping time by viewing your family's wish lists and claiming the gifts you’ll get for them. Claimed gifts are marked for everyone except the recipient. No duplicate gifts, and always a secret, unless you tell them ;)


Surprises are Fun!

Is a great gift missing from someone’s list? You can add ideas and surprise gifts. Those gifts will only be seen by others in the family and not by the recipient so fun surprises stay surprises.

Now, relax...

Put your feet up. You’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect gift again!

CheckedTwice builds your Family Christmas Wish Lists and Birthdays Wish Lists

Whether you're on the web...
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or on your phone...
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CheckedTwice has your family gifting covered!

Learn more about getting organized and building your Family Wish Lists for Christmas and Birthdays.

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Our Story

Andrew and Rebecca

We're Rebecca and Andrew

and we founded CheckedTwice. Here’s how it all came together!

The need for a family gift registry...

At Christmas 2002, when Rebecca unwrapped a present and found a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she was happy. It's a great book!

When she unwrapped her second present and saw a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she laughed. What a funny coincidence!

When she unwrapped her third present and saw a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she vowed, "Never again."

We searched and searched and could not find an online registry that was right for our family’s holiday celebration: something that was easy to use and had all of our wish lists in the same place but still had the flexibility for surprises and allowed accounts for children. So we made our own...

How CheckedTwice got to your family...

By the next Christmas, we had a custom-made family gift registry. No more duplicate books. No more missed sizes. No more crying nieces and nephews.

Our families continued on, year-after-year, enjoying our well-organized holidays. We'd needle our friends, "What? You haven't finished your shopping yet? Tsk Tsk." We continued to reap the rewards until Christmas 2008 when altruistic, handsome, younger brother Andrew (who may have written this) thought other families might benefit from our system. We then started working on sharing our family's gift registry solution with the world.

Since then, we’ve focused on making CheckedTwice easier to use and more fun. We’ve expanded the team to include Matt, Fred, Yize, Ife, Karen, and May, and we all hope you like it!

Contact Us

CheckedTwice is supported by the people who built it.

You can reach us at or 832.429.4483

















Thanks and Happy Gifting!