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The holiday season can be a stressful time, and the build up toward Christmas especially so! There are many family activities and church events, and that's before you step into the mall. Getting everybody the right gift can be especially tough. It's hard to organize who's getting what for whom with the whole family, and reply-to-all emails don't quite get it done. That's why we created a family Christmas gift registry on CheckedTwice.

With our gift registry, you can see the wish list of every member of your family, all in one place. You can also claim or reserve items, so nobody will end up with a duplicate gift. But we won't tell the recipient what's been claimed! So it'll stay a surprise for them. Pretty cool, huh?

How does a family Christmas gift registry work?

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A family gift registry works a lot like a traditional gift registry like a wedding registry. If you need to pick out a gift for a bride, you look at Macy's, see their list, and buy them a gift you know they'll enjoy.

But when Christmas rolls around, you're not just looking for one person's list. You're looking at the list of everyone in your family! And they aren't just at one store, but stores across the web! This is where the traditional registry breaks down.

A family gift registry groups everybody's lists all together in one place. You can see your nephew's list, your father's list, and your list, all from a single site. A family gift registry also allows you to register at any store or none at all! Because everybody's list is in the same place, your shopping is so much easier! And that makes for a stress free holiday season.

How to get started

The first thing you'll need is a CheckedTwice account. You just need an email address or a Facebook account, and it's totally free. After you've got an account, we have a short tour which will point out the basics. Then you'll go through these steps:

Do you have young children of your own?

Add Dependent Button

CheckedTwice allows you manage accounts for the youngest kiddos. If you want complete control of their wish list, this is the way to do it. You'll create a dependent account for each young child by clicking the red Create Dependent Accounts. Look for it on the left inside the application.

What should we call you? How does your family celebrate?

Invite Family Button

Next, we need a couple details about your family. Look for the red Invite + Share button or the blue Invite Others button toward the top right in the application.

Your family needs a name. The default is your last name, but your maiden name might be more appropriate. Think of all the people that you're going to invite. What name best describes them?

Then, you'll tell CheckedTwice what gift-giving holidays your family celebrates. Christmas is checked by default for you.

Who should participate?

Last, invite everyone who should give a gift or a receive a gift to join. You'll put in their email addresses and then their names. CheckedTwice will send each of them an email and they'll be able to claim the account you set up for them. Then, they'll be able to see everybody's list and add gifts to their own list.

Add gifts!

Add some gifts to your wish list. Add some to your dependents' wish lists. And if you have any gift ideas for the rest of the family, add them as gift suggestions (which they can see) or surprise gifts (which they can't see).


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