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CheckedTwice lets family members share their wish lists. People use CheckedTwice to organize their Christmas gifting, birthdays, baby showers and weddings.

How can I use CheckedTwice?

CheckedTwice is a group gift registry for any occasion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring families closer together by making it easier for family members to share their wish lists. What a person wants and needs is an important part of who they are. When families spread out, they can grow apart on these important dimensions. We keep these lines of communication open.

The need for a family gift registry...

At Christmas 2002, when Rebecca Hyatt unwrapped her present and saw a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she was happy. It's a great book!

When she unwrapped her second present and saw a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she laughed. What a funny coincidence!

When she unwrapped her third present and saw a collection of poems by Robert Frost, she vowed, "Never again."

We searched and searched and could not find an online registry that was right for our family’s holiday celebration: something that was easy to use and had all of our wish lists in the same place. So we made our own...

How CheckedTwice got to your family holiday...

At Christmas 2003, we had a custom-made family gift registry. No more duplicate books. No more missed sizes. No more crying nieces and nephews.

The Swicks and the Hyatts continued on, year-after-year, enjoying their well-organized holidays. We'd needle our friends, "What? You haven't finished your shopping yet? Tsk Tsk." We continued to reap the rewards until Christmas 2008 when Rebecca's altruistic, handsome, younger brother Andrew Swick (who may have written this particular page) thought other families might benefit from our system. Rebecca and Andrew then sought to bring their family's gift registry to the masses.

In 2009, they toiled long hours to bring you We launched for the holiday season and got a great response from our new customers.

Since then, we’ve focused on making CheckedTwice easier to use and more fun. We hope you like it. From our family to yours, have a happy and healthful holiday season,

Rebecca and Andrew

No more holiday stress.

Wouldn't it be nice to know the perfect gift for everyone in your family?

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CheckedTwice is supported by the people who built it.

You can reach us at or 832.429.4483

Thanks and Happy Gifting!